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Spring Clean Eating Article Pairing

Happy Spring Equinox!

Today is such a special day. A day of equal day and night. A day that marks the beginning of the year to many who follow the earth’s nautural cycles. A day that marks new beginnings, full of hope and possibility.

For this week’s article pairing we featuring two articles that focus on Spring Cleaning your eating. Spring is a wonderful time to start to reconnect with your body through what you eat.

Green Morning Smoothie

In her article “Cleansing Foods for Spring” Lauren Norster introduces some recipes that will help refresh your body from the inside out.


Then, read Heather Webb’s article about “Embracing the Clean Food Challenge; One mama recenters herself with clean eating”. Heather shares her own journey cleaning up her eating and how it had a profound effect on so much more than her diet.

If you are interested in learning more about the Clean Food Challenge, which was created by our editor Emilie, head over to her blog. She just completed the Challenge with several others and she shares some advice and tips. Also, if you are interested in trying the Clean Food Challenge for the first time, or doing it again, I will be doing the CFC over on my site April 1 – 7. I’d love to have you eat clean with me!

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