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Spring Cleaning Your Mind & Heart

spring flower

Here we are at the tail end of the colder months, and even though the winter was fairly mild, don’t you just get the urge to pull out the lemons, clear out the closets and spring clean the house from top to bottom?  I know I sure do.  And I think this cleaning ritual is so great because symbolically it gets our home ready for new beginnings – which is definitely the exciting part about spring.

Another great ritual to instill in your life this season is a simple practice to cleanse your mind and your heart of negative thoughts and feelings that no longer serve a purpose.  By becoming an observer of your thoughts and feelings, you can experience the wonderful benefits that come from cultivating space for your intuitive wisdom to grow.

Mountain Pose

Simple Practice to Cleanse Your Mind

Observe Your Thoughts: The first step to cleansing your mind is to start observing your thoughts. The more aware you become of the thoughts you think, the clearer you are about what is manifesting in your life.  Your thoughts become things, and what you focus on grows. So if you repeat to yourself throughout the day, I’m not good enough, (like I used to do), then eventually these thoughts will determine how you move through life. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something that is a judgment or negative statement about you, some thing, or someone, simply stop yourself and replace it with I do not need to think (or say) this thought.

Let Go & Change it: The second step to cleansing your mind is that once you become aware of a negative thought, let it go and try changing it to something more positive. So rather than saying, I’m not good enough, I change that thought to, I approve of myself or Every day, in every way, I am becoming more confident.  If I repeat in my mind, I suck at art, I let it go and change it to, I am creative. If I repeat, I can’t do that because I don’t have the money, I change it to, Abundance and wealth come quickly and easily into my life.  These new, positive statements are known as  affirmations or mantras. (To see examples of affirmations, click HERE.

Practice & Be Patient: The third step to cleansing your mind is to practice and have patience. Did you know that we think thousands and thousands of thoughts each day? That is the nature of the mind. But for most of us, we tend to repeat the same old thoughts (many of them negative) over and over again, for years and years!


Observe your thoughts, let go of the old ones and practice thinking a new, more positive mantra that makes you feel good and brings you joy.  It does take practice and patience.  And with time, when you become more aware of your thoughts and practice changing the negative ones to something that serves your higher good, you give yourself the opportunity to think a new thought, to dream a new dream, and to see the possibilities that are available to you.


Simple Practice to Cleanse Your Heart

This gentle, supported backbend will help to open and cleanse your heart center. Place a folded blanket or firm pillow underneath your head, supporting the back of your neck. Roll a blanket and place it just below the base of your shoulder blades. Wiggle your shoulder blades until you feel comfortable on the blanket. Turn your palms up to the sky and notice how that helps to open your shoulders. You can keep your knees bent, and place your feet a little wider than your hips, with your knees resting together. Untuck your tailbone, moving it slightly towards your feet, as a way to lengthen your low back. If you feel any tension in your belly, step your heels a little closer to your sit bones. Your belly should be soft and relaxed. You may choose to straighten your legs onto the floor and even roll a blanket underneath your knees, like we did for relaxation pose.

Close your eyes. Take some deep inhales and exhales. As you inhale, feel your heart center rise up to the sky. As you exhale, feel every muscle in your body soften and release. Let the earth hold you up.  Feel your heart open and expand.  Notice any feelings that come up, and gently let them go.  Smile as you feel love travel in, out and all around you.
Taking time to cleanse your mind and heart this spring will not only feel like a breath of fresh air, but it will clear space and open your life to new beginnings.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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Shannon Kinney-Duh

About Shannon Kinney-Duh:

Shannon is the mother of two little boys, ages 4 and 15 months. They inspire her to laugh, play and make more messes in their Mission, Kansas home. She is an artist, yoga teacher and life mentor and when she’s not scraping mashed peas off the floor she creates e-courses like Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery and Mothering with heART. You can learn more at A Free Spirit Life.

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  1. Gerri says:

    Thanks for this wonderful article. Our thoughts are so powerful. We need to be mindful and get rid of the junky ones to make room for the healthy and inspiring ones.

  2. Shannon says:

    Thank you, Gerri. It’s so true – the more we clear out the mental clutter, the more room we create to think a new thought. And thinking a new thought – one that serves our higher good – well that is life changing! xo

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