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What If Your Journal Could Talk Back to You?

“Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.” – Laurie Anderson

Keeping up the practice of regular journaling can be challenging. There are so many things competing for our attention and sitting down to do something like journaling that may not deliver immediate results often gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Yes, the laundry, the dishes, or cleaning the bathrooms are at the top of our lists, and even though we intend to make time for reflection and recording of our thoughts, we sometimes need a push to make it happen.


For years, I’d have microbursts of journaling, usually around a challenging time, and then I’d stop for days, months and sometimes even years. It wasn’t until after becoming a mom that journaling became a sacred practice in my life. The change occurred when I really started listening to that little voice that in a very big way kept nudging me to write. I began just showing up to write for the sake of my commitment to write and for no other reason.

The writing felt awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning. It seemed meaningless and a waste of time on many days. I felt very alone in my journey of writing. But, the commitment to show up led me somewhere brand new in my heart, my head and eventually into my everyday life.

Journaling Outside

What if your journal could talk back to you?

Journaling doesn’t have to always be a solo adventure. Technology has gifted us with the ability to journal in community. Online journaling takes journaling to entirely new levels and negates many of the reasons and excuses that stopped me and maybe stop you from journaling.

Excuses be gone! Here are just a few hurdles turned into opportunities…

  • “I don’t know where to begin.” – Online journaling prompts ignite your writing.
  • “I’m afraid someone will find my personal journal.”  – An online password protected journal is safe and secure.
  • “I don’t go anywhere new in my journal.  I seem to be writing in circles.” – Comments to your journal encourage, challenge and invite you to explore more.
  • “I forget to do it.” – Email reminders, connections in the community and comments to your journal keep you on track and excited to come back.

Imagine virtual lounge chairs, a secure, password-protected online space where like-minded people gather to get out their thoughts, expand their thinking and enrich their everyday lives through writing. A journaling community is a place where you can journal privately or share your journals with others. You might be thinking, “I could never do that.” I thought the same thing until I took the plunge. Each time it gets easier and when your journal talks back, it takes your experience to a whole new level. Imagine posting something and later finding that someone has made a comment on your journal. How cool is that? “What if each person you meet is like a post-it note to remind you of your light so you will remember it’s on?”

I remember the first time I posted a journal publicly – I felt a little nervous. I wondered if anyone would comment and what they would think about me and what I’d written. I remember getting the first notification to my inbox letting me know there had been a comment. I immediately opened my journal to find words of encouragement and support and felt deeply relieved and excited to make my next post.

Screenshot of Journaling group

By sharing yourself in a community, you begin to find that you are not alone in your thoughts.

People all over the world have the same crazy thoughts, concerns and challenges that you have. It might feel like a courageous step to take to put your inner most thoughts out there for others to read, but the rewards are endless. Not only do others comment on your journals, but you get to browse the journals too and share your thoughts with others. You may have been through a similar experience and have words of wisdom to share or you may meet someone who is going through something you are going through. With a simple click, you leave a comment on their journal and you’ve have just had an impact on someone else’s life.

A few reasons to get out there and take the leap into online journaling:

  • If you feel alone and crazy (who doesn’t?), online journaling is an opportunity to discover you aren’t alone in your thoughts.
  • If you are lost in your head, your journal is the place to clear the mental clutter and make room for new thoughts and ideas.
  • If you feel stuck, your blank journal can be the launch pad that moves you forward.
  • If you’re ready for a change, you can surround yourself with other community members who will encourage and uplift you.

I have been an avid pen to paper journaler for years. Online journaling doesn’t replace that for me, it just adds to it. Depending on the day, I may choose to journal online or put pen to paper.

You just don’t know the magic that awaits you when you step into journaling and journaling in community. Writing is a tool for navigating life and when you surround yourself with others who are finding their way and pushing forward in their lives through journaling … you’ll discover it’s contagious.

I’d love to journal with you and invite you to join the Frame of Mind community. Create your online journal today. The possibilities are endless when you take the plunge into journaling. The time you invest will spill over and bless your life in ways unimaginable.

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About Carla Reeves:

Carla Reeves, Founder of Sanity Journals, a company dedicated to inspiring creative writing practices that soothe your mind, free your spirit and expand your BEing. She is also a Coach for Frame of Mind Coaching where journaling is the centerpiece to transformation. She lives in Arizona with her husband and their two boys.

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